Trip to Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon

I had a birthday, summited Middle Sister, and got engaged. Whoa!

We arrived in oregon 9pm friday night and met up with some friends from Eugene. Jocelyn and Anna. Matt, Aaron, Jocelyn at Camp Lava Lake img_0464.jpg

img_0465.jpg img_0468.jpg img_0469.jpg

img_0470.jpg On Saturday morning, we prepare to hike in img_0475.jpg

We head South on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Boomer takes a break and cools down North (front) and Middle Sister (right)

These packs are super comfy Heading into the lava fields Interesting lava hill

Lets start gaining elevation img_0497.jpg Getting closer to the North and Middle Sisters

img_0501.jpg img_0502.jpg We made it to the Glacier Way trail, time for a break

Boomer takes a nap Steve, Emma, Rachel, and Jesse met us here from the Obsidian Trail PCT and Glacer Way Trail intersection, Middle Sister

Next we hiked up to Arrowhead Lake ridge to camp Saturday night camp img_0524.jpg

img_0527.jpg img_0528.jpg Hanging out, Mt Washington, Three Fingered Jack, and Mt Jefferson in the distance

img_0531.jpg img_0532.jpg Evening sun on Middle Sister; tomorrow we climb it

Smoke or fog rolling in over Mt Wash., Three Fing. Jack, and Mt Jeff. North Sister (left), Middle Sister (right) img_0541.jpg

img_0544.jpg AWARD WINNER. Awesome view from Arrowhead Lake img_0550.jpg

Sunday Morning we begin our ascent of the Middle Sister See Arrowhead Lake where we started our ascent Ascending the first glaciers

Ascending Middle Sister img_0556.jpg img_0557.jpg

Up the Collier Glacier, the largest glacier in Oregon Heading towards the first point Looking Northwest from the point south of the Middle Sister summit

Looking at the final scramble to the summit. The scramble to the summit looks worse than it is The final ascent was slippery and steep, be careful

Steve looks down the southwestern cliffs Do not go that way Nearing the summit, we have come a long way

We made it to the Summit! About 10,350ft. img_0572.jpg Anna stood on this rock 3000 feet in the air, CRAZY.

I gave Jocelyn a ring! Steve on top of the world South Sister, Broken Top, and Bachelor

Steve, Jesse, Aaron, Matt, Anna and Jocelyn Looking West towards our camp, Can you find it? The people in Orange were spreading ashes of their son/brother who died on one of the glaciers below

img_0579.jpg img_0580.jpg img_0581.jpg

Time to descend, check out the wicked North Sister img_0583.jpg img_0585.jpg

stop at a glacial tarn for a drink of the worlds best water img_0589.jpg It got much worse than this

Steve was skiing in his boots really fast Aaah. Back at Arrowhead Lake camp img_0594.jpg

Steve and Jesse have to work on monday, bye. img_0597.jpg Sunday night we hike to the Sister Springs

The springs come out of the rock, ice cold and clear The springs create Obsidian Waterfall Sunday night sunset

On monday Jocelyn and I started hiking North towards the car We chose Matthiew Lakes for our final camp in the wilderness. img_0609.jpg

img_0612.jpg img_0613.jpg img_0614.jpg

img_0615.jpg img_0616.jpg We are about to leave the wilderness, smooch.

img_0619.jpg Big beetle on the trail North Sister and Middle Sister from the highway

Matt and Boomer slide down a glacier