Hiking at Mount Ranier, WA

August 2004 -- Click to Enlarge

We started at the Skyline trailhead in Paradise The morning was pretty cloudy. The lower trails are very developed

img_0397.jpg You can almost see Ranier peeking through clouds. img_0399.jpg

Ranier breaks through the clouds (blurry) (blurry) Jocelyn and Mt. Ranier

img_0407.jpg img_0408.jpg The area was Beautiful

The flowers (lupine) were in full bloom Gaining altitude towards Camp Muir Thar she blows! It's Mt. Ranier

img_0414.jpg img_0415.jpg img_0416.jpg

img_0417.jpg img_0418.jpg img_0419.jpg

We just came down this dangerous ridge Treacherous and Beautiful img_0425.jpg

img_0426.jpg img_0427.jpg img_0428.jpg

img_0430.jpg img_0431.jpg Dew on Paintbrush and Lupine

img_0434.jpg img_0435.jpg img_0436.jpg

img_0437.jpg img_0438.jpg img_0439.jpg

img_0440.jpg img_0441.jpg img_0442.jpg

img_0443.jpg img_0445.jpg img_0446.jpg

img_0447.jpg WILDFLOWERS img_0450.jpg

img_0451.jpg Icing the foot mvi_0420.avi