Woodland Park and Zoo Seattle, WA

Pops and Momma Linda (jocelyns parents) visit from Amsterdam, NY

Sammy loves catnip bubbles Sammy just popped the bubble The Rose Garden at Woodland Zoo, Seattle, WA

a white rose in duotone (sepia) mmm gimme some sugar

no way delicious for me to eat smells nice too

a taxonomy of cloud morphology LIL DUCKIES! lil champions

The Trees of Greenlake.. last copy The next Roller-Patrolman? (yes they are related)

from this... .. to this lil pug rollin Adidas

Its a bird, its a plane, its SUPERDOG Lighthouse Roasters, Rose, Patsy and John
from the left
the hedgemen of north fremont seattle

delicious q-t Take me away, mighty monkey-steed

just hanging with the fam Inside the zoo, hoo hoo What a handsome and sociable bird

Woodland Park Zoo hey hey were the monkeys Asian bear just sniffin the wind

asian bears rule rarr whats up bro