Hiking on The Washington Coast Wilderness

Olympic National Park, April 2004
Photos by Jocelyn Naple

Sammy likes to play in the bag. Any day is a good day for flowers Yellow Roses

Who is that hiking machine? Can I go here? Jen vs. Quads

We start our journey at Ozette Lk. Ranger Station Heading toward the coast through the forest Made it to the coast a couple of miles later

Sand Point, Olympic Natnl Park, WA ozette_014.jpg ozette_015.jpg

Now lets hike south on the beach for a few miles Arriving at Yellow Banks Camping on the spider infested pebbles

Sue, Jen, Pete, and Aaron Mr. Frogs House Hangin w/ Mr. Frog

we built this city on driftwood ozette_023.jpg ozette_024.jpg

ozette_025.jpg ozette_026.jpg ozette_027.jpg

Tide Pools Low tide and Starfish ozette_030.jpg

ozette_031.jpg ozette_032.jpg ozette_033.jpg

photo of photographers ozette_035.jpg ozette_036.jpg