Angies Birthday Party and Mountain Biking Poo Poo Point

April, 2004

Angies Birthday Party
Aaron, Angie, Hannah
Hannah Hannah with motion blur (low light)

Closeup blurry Aaron mug Hangin on the back porch ang_poopoo_006.jpg

Little G on the left! ang_poopoo_008.jpg Jocelyn and Hannah debate the cosmos.

Katie and Friend cookin mad salmon yep. uh huh.

Cup says Goddess Gabes art/grafitti in the back Cake!

Angie gave a great speech... blew out her candles... with a shout out her friends...

we dig oooh Victory over the Cake

ang_poopoo_023.jpg ang_poopoo_025.jpg ang_poopoo_026.jpg

ang_poopoo_027.jpg ang_poopoo_028.jpg ang_poopoo_029.jpg

ang_poopoo_030.jpg Poo Poo Point nice view, it was a ton of climbing to get here

ang_poopoo_033.jpg All I need is a parasail or hang glider ang_poopoo_035.jpg

super blurry shot of Mt. Baker I am so white... I can be seen from space!