Trip to Eastern Washington; Dusty Lake, Ancient Lakes, Swakane Ridge, Leavenworth.

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Jocelyn and Sammy know how to relax At the trailhead for Dusty/Ancient Lakes

Looking down into the coulee/canyon Fiddling with the camera

Dusty lake has no obvious outlet..

perhaps through an underground lava tunnel. Lots of columnar basalt (CB). Mmm. CB.

We found a way to get on top of the cliff.. for an amazing view.

Mountain Goat in the wild CB CB

Jocelyn the Giant take the picture already

One final pic for the day. Heading up Swakane Ridge in the hot sun
Can you see the silver car where we started?
a ways to go

Ahh finaly made it to some trees beautiful day with the smell of pine ahh

And no rattlesnakes out yet, whew. Beaut' On the way down we took the easy route: this old road.

reminds me of Nevada.. ahh. q.t. patooties Willkommen in Leavenworth
The little Bavarian Village east of Stevens Pass, WA

First stop: the hat store moo. Mooo?

tha' big bad wolf! Nature walk along Wenatchee River (?) jocelyn_naple_048.jpg

haha doin' a stretch Horsetail Lil' village

We stayed at the Innsbrucker suprise picture