Holiday Season 2003: Steve, Emma, Anna, and Matt visit Seattle, then I spend Christmas in Nevada.

We were walking through the Seattle Aboretum at night... ...and we stopped to take a timer group shot on the bridge. Hangin' out playing board games.

img_1726.jpg Down at the Pike Street Public Market these guys were trying to raise money for their cat shelter. These cats performed tricks Steve and Emma try to get at shot with the famous pig

... but the fedex trucks are busy shipping Christmas goodies These tiny figurines were cool. This was a spanish shop in the Market Steve and Emma on 1st downtown

img_1732.jpg img_1733.jpg Pike Brewery: We should have stopped in for a beer

Next we headed out to magnolia bluff for some views looking southwest from northern Seattle; Check out Mt. Ranier img_1737.jpg Then we climbed up the Volunteer Park tower and looked around

img_1740.jpg img_1741.jpg img_1742.jpg

Last night in Seattle; Bowling at the Garage Now I arrive in NevadaMy cousin Olivia My aunt dianna

I stayed w/ Dan and Toby before flying back to Seattle. Poor tob had the flu! Next were off in Nate Tobeys wagon of power img_1755.jpg

Nate explaining butt-pickers cramp. Thats me putting on my best smile img_1765.jpg

Dan H. Nate T. Now we are off to do some slick track racing at the Hilton

We payed the attendent and extra 5 bucks for twice the race time Speed ma-chine Harmons got nuthin

A winners smile Our hands were frozen solid after an extended race in the zub-zero Nevada winter Now, inside the hilton for some crappy service (Chevys), mexican food, and some nickel slots

img_1780.jpg El Machino makes the tortillas; high tech img_1784.jpg

img_1785.jpg I think Dan wetted his self i thinked i wetted my selfd

Gotta love those NV mountains img_1789.jpg img_1790.jpg