Lopez Island (San Juans), They Might Be Giants, and Kayaking on Lake Union

Seattle, May 2003

Panorama at Agate Bay on Lopez Island Jocelyn, Mama-linda, Pops, and Sue Sue and Pops (john) Dancing on the Ferry

111-1102_sta.jpg 111-1108_img.jpg Playing with Loki

111-1111_img.jpg 111-1112_img.jpg 111-1115_img.jpg

They Might Be Giants at the Crocodile in Seattle Jocelyn and Aaron brave the heat and smoke 111-1121_img.jpg

111-1140_img.jpg 111-1144_img.jpg 111-1147_img.jpg

111-1150_img.jpg 111-1154_img.jpg 111-1157_img.jpg

111-1158_img.jpg 111-1159_img.jpg Kayaking w/ Jocelyn on Lake Union in Seattle

111-1169_img.jpg We rented kayaks at Auga Verde I cant get out, I'm stuck!