Seattle and Eugene, April 2003

Pacific Science Center, Disc Golf, and Mountain Biking

Inside the butterfly room at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle 110-1021_img.jpg

My Honda Civic Mirror Repair Project
My face when they told me it would be $190 to replace my plastic mirror
I cut plastic from a CD case, drilled it, and screwed it to the mirror to replace the old shattered plastic Next, I applied automotive clue to the points of contact.

Then, I put the broken mirror bracket in contact with the mirror and let dry Frisbee golf outside of Eugene, Oregon
I fell in the mud!
Is this how I do it?

Nice toss A long 500+ yards to hole 18 110-1047_img.jpg

Mountain biking outside of Eugene, Oregon
Ascend over 2000 ft in 2 miles!
First to the top. I win! 110-1050_img.jpg

Steve was hating this mountain. 110-1054_img.jpg 110-1055_img.jpg

The huge puddles were pretty fun. There was even one bigger than this! Steady Mobbin! 110-1059_img.jpg

Team Dirtnap poses by the trash heap. 110-1062_img.jpg 110-1063_img.jpg

110-1065_img.jpg I sure am glad Gregg's Cycles (in greenlake, seattle) fucked up the repair of my shock boot 110-1068_img.jpg

Manimal! Steve is a rocker, with the sweats to prove it I try to photo Matt's muddy face and he gives me the chewed-up apple face