Concerts: The Divorce, Bela Fleck, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, etc..

July and August, 2003

Jocelyn and I saw The Lashes and The Divorce
at the Graceland in Seattle
Joc and the ceiling picture_007.jpg

picture_008.jpg picture_009.jpg picture_010.jpg

Jocelyn and I Mmmm. Looks tasty Aaron Fabbri on the move

The Divorce rocks. picture_015.jpg picture_016.jpg

picture_024.jpg Just dropped off the kids? Bill and Melissa

picture_028.jpg Hannah Hall closeup Bela Fleck and the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle

picture_032.jpg Nancy, Brian, Jocelyn picture_035.jpg

picture_037.jpg Here begins our trip to see
Ben Harper and Jack Johnson at the Gorge
Setting up Camp
See Sue's Esophagus?

Too many people on the bus from the campground! picture_044.jpg Get a little closer...

Not that close! The reflective, introspective life of an
concert bus driver

Who's the cutie in the corner? Fresh off the short bus Why hang out up here on the grass...

.. when you could come down here. The Gorge is Gorgeous We love you Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson serenades the Sunset Feeling fresh, wearing stripes oooh

Blurry Ben Harper and Big Bass Player Ben Harper rocks live. picture_082.jpg

picture_084.jpg picture_086.jpg picture_088.jpg

picture_090.jpg picture_091.jpg picture_093.jpg

Ben Harper wrappin it up all tender on the fiddle