Seattle, January 2003

Going away party for my old apartment on Capitol Hill.
Left On Ryerson's last show at Neeners in Tacoma.
Mountain biking w/ Kerry

Geneva, Henry, and Angie picture_003.jpg picture_004.jpg

picture_005.jpg Katie We stayed up until the wee hours playing What If

picture_009.jpg Left On Ryerson's last (??) show.. at Neeners in Tacoma picture_015.jpg

picture_016.jpg picture_017.jpg picture_018.jpg

picture_019.jpg picture_020.jpg picture_021.jpg

picture_026.jpg picture_027.jpg Taking credit for someone else's work

Don't click on this one, for the love of god picture_031.jpg Riding the Ferry to Bainbridge Island for some mountain biking

Kerry "Butt" Breit picture_034.jpg picture_035.jpg

picture_036.jpg picture_037.jpg picture_038.jpg

picture_041.jpg picture_042.jpg picture_044.jpg

picture_046.jpg picture_050.jpg picture_051.jpg