Halloween 2002 at Neal's party in Greenlake (Seattle)

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First Neal's band played img_0312.jpg img_0313.jpg

img_0314.jpg img_0315.jpg img_0317.jpg

img_0318.jpg img_0320.jpg img_0321.jpg

img_0323.jpg img_0325.jpg A rack of lamb... ha ha

img_0329.jpg img_0330.jpg img_0331.jpg

Paul the Warrior img_0333.jpg Neal and Aaron, a.k.a. Dead Bicyclist and Disco Stu

img_0335.jpg No! Don't take my picture img_0337.jpg

img_0339.jpg img_0344.jpg img_0347.jpg

img_0349.jpg img_0351.jpg Neal and Sugina at house, after a late nite of dancing...

img_0247.jpg Neal is my maid. img_0251.jpg

The view from my work img_0267.jpg