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What is Beater?

beater is   e x p e r i m e n t a l,  

On to the photos... or old photos (2005 and before).

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[2011] After 7 years of service, I've decommissioned Beater II and this home server is now Beater III, with low power design, compact flash boot, and 4 TB RAID5 storage. Consumes about 35 watts while idle.

[2004] I just migrated Beater to my new server at home. The old, broken, pentium 266 laptop that was Beater is being decommissioned. The new server has 160GB of RAID backed storage, vs 4GB of hope-the-hard-drive-doesnt-die-today technology in the old server.

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See the Indexed glibc 2.4 source code.