Beater :: all that's fit to whip


Dan's Bare Basement Productions: December 2002

The Story

I grew up in Nevada but moved away after High School. When I fly down to visit I try to take time to make up some Basement Tunes with my good buddy D. Harmon.

The Material

The material is a bunch of short songs which make up an EP. The recording was done in an unfinished basement with too much echo, dirty floors, and a drum set that slid all over the floor as you played.

We recorded the noise with a portable boom-box tape player. I did final editing on my laptop. The recording was done in mono so I didn't have much to work with.

The music is pretty bad and somewhat embarrasing in spots but its all worth the fun.

The Tracks

Title Credits mp3 file
Burrito at the Beep My old answering maching message MP3
Country Turdbrain fabbri - guitar, vocals
harmon - drums Written by fabbri
I Eat No Toast (random crazyness)
harmon - drums
fabbri - guitar
Sound of Strobe fabbri - drums
harmon - guitar, vocals
Written by harmon
Want a fast one? (filler) MP3
This I know fabbri - drums, back-up vocals
harmon - guitar, vocals
It's a wiggler (filler) MP3
Stevie's Mechanical Brain fabbri - drums, vocals
harmon - guitar
Let Down fabbri - vocals, guitar
harmon - drums?
Written by Radiohead
Real Prank Message Someone left this prank message on my answering machine. MP3
Soft Winter High Why you shouldn't sing out of your range.
harmon - drums
Inspired by Radiohead